Janitors of the enviroment

Ants may be small but they make a meaningful impact on the ecological well-being of the environment.

Cleaners of the environment

Ants act as cleaners of the environment by feeding on organic waste such as dead animals and insects. Carpenter ants make their nests out of diseased or dead wood which considerably increases the decomposition rate of the rotting trees.

Ants eat large amounts of other insects and their eggs which can help regulate insect numbers. On the other side ants are excellent sources of food for most animals such as but not limited to…

  • birds
  • rodents
  • insectivorous (carnivorous plants)
  • Snakes, lizards and other small reptiles
  • Bears and coyotes
  • coyotes

Ants are essential in the food chain and are a means of survival animals who feed primarily on ants.

Aerating and increasing health of soil

Ants are excellent at improving the health of the soil by aerating and redistributing nutrients within the soil. Ants are part of the worlds recycling crew by collecting dead insects and turning them into fertilizer for the local soil, which can be great for your garden.