Ants are opportunist eaters and there diet consist of almost anything they can get there jaws on. They will eat other ants, dead insects, grains, vegetables, fruits and grains. Some ants farm there own fungus for food and some ants love sweets.There are thousands of different kinds of Ants and each species have there own tastes. just like how I love chicken but don’t like Tomatoes and you might like Avocado but hate cheese.

Sweet food such as Honey and Sugar attract ants like nothing else can, if you drop sticky or sugary foods and leave it on the floor you will most likely soon have some unwanted visitors in your kitchen.

Leaf cutter ants are found in Tropical and Semi-Tropical regions such as north and central America. These ants produce Fungus in their underground nests by collecting plant leafs, chewing them and mixing the broken down leaves with there poo, this creates fungus that the ants can feed off.

Harvester Ants focus on collecting grains, storing them and eating them. Some ants will carry aphids (insects that suck juice out of plants) back to the nest and look after them to feed off the sweet Honeydew that they produce.

Overall Ants are really the janitors of the world, they will eat almost anything in the wild and consume most man-made food products.