Hi Friends, 

My names Matthew and welcome to my first blog post. 

I live in the sunny state of Queensland, Brisbane Australia. I have always had this random hobby of Myrmecology ever since I was young. Back then it wasn’t ‘I am interested in Myrmecology” it was “I like ants” which just doesn’t have the same…. sophistication does it?

Getting back on track, the main idea behind creating this website is to educate people about this fascinating insect, further my own knowledge about the species and become a better writer. 

 I find Ants extremely interesting, I love the way they operate as a single unit for the greater good of the colony. The way they create complex tunnel networks and dedicate certain spaces for food, waste and brood storage. The way they defend and attack as a single unified organism, the challenges that ants have overcome is just insane, did you know ants lived with and before dinosaurs?  I sometimes wonder what humans can achieve if they behaved the same way, on some degree we already do but there is still plenty of divide.

I hope to bring light to the awesomeness of this species by providing interesting facts, information and high quality pictures by travelling around Brisbane chasing species such as the dreaded Fire Ants located in the south east of Brisbane, the bright yellow Crazy Ants which is located up in the far north of Queensland and the Jack Jumper Ants located all the way south of Australia in Tasmania. 

So please leave a comment or drop me a line on Facebook and share your experiences.